About Helpful Films


Based in London in the UK, Helpful Films is run by Sam Care.

Sam set up Helpful Films after working in the charity sector for several years. Part of his job was commissioning films, as well as making them.

He found that there were a few well-established and newer production companies that were great for commissioning bigger projects, and a lot of freelancers who specialised in one area of filmmaking such as DPs, editors or directors, but not many freelance filmmakers who could help charities and other organisations with the filmmaking process for small projects, from start to finish. So Sam started Helpful Films to meet the demand.

Sam has 10 years of experience making films. Clients include multinational companies, startups, government bodies, non-profit organisations, universities and museums.


It was in 2008, that Sam made his first film for the non-profit that he was working for at the time - The Electoral Reform Society. A simple short film about the organisation for their website. He went on to make or commission more than 200 short films over the next five years, a few more for them but most were for the British Heart Foundation where he started as an in-house multimedia producer in 2010. Sam left the British Heart Foundation in 2013 to work full-time as a freelance filmmaker.

Since then, Sam has made films for a wide range of organisations from multinational corporations to small charities. He's made films about anti-venom research, filming the world's most dangerous snakes; filmed life-saving heart surgery; and he travelled to Rwanda to make a short documentary about a project helping young girls to become successful independent businesswomen.

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Please give Sam a call or send him an email if you would like to work together.

+44(0)7540 163 663